Quinta Maconda Guest Quotes

We really feel this is our home, thank you, and most of all
for the kind and gracious people who took such great care of us.
Francis Ford Coppola

Out of Africa, I came to the house of the spirits, heaven can wait...
Dodo Cunningham Reid

A most wondrous introduction to Guatemala. Great thanks...
Eleanor Coppola

It's like living in a set I wished I had designed...
Dean Tavoularis

What a remarkable, comfortable, and inspiring home! I took enough pictures for a House & Garden spread. With fond memories and a desire to return…
Ashley Judd

Thanks so much for your gracious hospitality and your deep understanding of the issues we are involved with…
Harrison Ford

I always love knowing I’ve found the best place in town…
Edwina Von Gal

Un-forgetfully wonderful
Marina of Greece

I’m not leaving!!
Al Ruddy

We spent such lovely days at Quinta Maconda. Thank you...
Lee Radziwill

All at Quinta Maconda would like to thank
our guests and friends for their gracious appreciation.


Quinta Maconda Press

Quinta Maconda became a rental property by accident. Its owner, John Heaton, is an art collector who has been carefully selecting his pieces during his lifetime travels around the world. He has restored and redecorated this mansion with exquisite taste. If you're interested in nature, art and history, and enjoy secluded comfort and luxury inside and out, Quinta Maconda is the property to rent in Antigua Guatemala. This house has been featured in Architectural Digest and it is one of a kind, exquisite experience in Antigua.

Sol Y Luna, The Best of Central America


Quinta Maconda proved to be among the most beautiful places I've stayed in. It was filled with ethnic antiques, including Indonesian ikats and pre-Columbian artifacts collected by John Heaton over years of travel. There were no other guests - Cazenove had exclusive access - and Heaton as host provided a formidably fast inside track into his adopted country's culture (facilitated by a helicopter, with trips to the most remote mountain villages). "When you book at Quinta Maconda, you're not booking into a hotel. Your booking into an address book," says Heaton, which - to the right kind of traveler - is worth far more than a Javanese Lulur scrub at the worlds best spa resort. Access included curator tours of both the Ixchel textile museum and the archaeological Popol Vuh museum in Guatemala City. This means being taken into store rooms - more compelling to be honest, than the on-show collections - with rows of Maya funeral urns and embroidered fragments too fragile to be exhibited. I met photographers, painters, and carpet makers and heard tales of politics, parties and, corruption … in the short time I had, I saw more than backpackers see in three months...

Sophy Roberts, editor at large for Condé Nast Traveler



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